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TFC Kids

Set the tone for a radical generation of believers who will not waiver or shy from spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We will offer educational, spiritual, and emotional stimulation that will encourage our youth to maintain a personal relationship with God, their creator. This ministry is designed to help them find their purpose and encourage the use of their spiritual gifts.
Bright – The Faith Center’s Toddler Ministry Through the teaching of bible stories and interactive play, the Bright ministry will introduce each toddler to the word of God and create a foundation of love for Jesus Christ.  This will develop the toddlers to know, grow and show God’s love as they develop. Bright Objectives 1. To confirm every child is signed in properly by parents or adult guardians. 2. To create a safe place for toddlers 3. To have leader ration 1:4 4. To provide a healthy learning environment of basic learning skills such as colors, shapes, numbers, etc. 5. To introduce toddlers to bible characters through stories and play. 6.  Provide toddlers a time of movies, music, art and free play to expand their creativity.
Excite – The Faith Center’s Children’s Ministry Excite Mission Through the teaching of God’s word at a level of their understanding, we will help every child come to know their purpose and destiny in life. Through providing services that are live and interactive we will give an authentic worship experience full of anointing, excitement and a passion for God. Through lifestyle evangelism, we will lead this next generation into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the power that is in His name and the destiny track He has prepared for them. Excite Vision The vision of Excite is to bring children in our church and the surrounding neighborhoods to a higher level of spiritual development by teaching them the uncompromising word of God at a level they can comprehend. It is our objective to offer times of fellowship and fun with other children who have made a decision to be examples of Christ in their generation. Excite Objectives 1.  To develop elementary children to know, grow and show God’s love. 2.  To teach children to develop and utilize their talents for God. 3.  Implement the importance of prayer life. 4.  To teach them how to have meaningful relationships with family and friends and how to become passionate about God at an early age. At this age, youth are very excited and full of energy. Excite will help channel this God given gift to learn, explore, and understand the world around them and the God who created it.