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A Message From Pastor Campbell

I remember it like it was just yesterday. We had just celebrated two years of someone giving their life to Jesus at The Faith Praise and Worship Center (now known as The Faith center). The entire church was ecstatic and as a young pastor, I was overjoyed. People lingered around to express their heartfelt gratitude for God trusting us with something none of us have ever been a part of. That was unchurched people giving their life to Jesus every single week. As I got to the corner of Jimmy Carter at Chick-fil-A, I heard the Lord as clear as day say “put the balloons down…” I was puzzled and a little perplexed why the Lord would speak to me so harshly on such a joyous occasion. The next sentence is something that I have not been able to shake. He said, “I called you to make disciples.” I had to ask myself: although people were being introduced to Jesus at our church, were they following Him and growing in His disciplines? Fast forward several years as we transitioned to Berkmar High school and learned how to become a mobile church. People joined, attrition happened, we started growing rapidly, resources were raised, one big event lead to the next event and then three or four years have passed. We’ve then moved into our current facility and the process started all over again.

“You have to start developing leaders, growing as a leader, in addition to the necessary things that happen within your personal life that brings challenge and triumph.”

All of that to say, it had been eight or nine years and I still was not completely making disciples. It wasn’t until January 2020 when I paused in the middle of one of the most challenging times in our world to have an introspective look as a leader. I saw this big gaping hole in our congregation called discipleship. I sat in my room and repented to God for being so successful in other areas of life but not fulfilling this great commandment to the magnitude that I knew He had given me as a leader.

I spent many hours praying and seeking direction. Then, at a pivotal moment, the Lord led me to Jim Putman, one of the greatest discipleship strategists in the nation. After reading several manuals and books by him and Brandon, the light bulb came on. I had direction, my flame was fueled and the Lord began to give me a plan for The Faith Center.

Fast forward several months to me visiting a church campus just to check it out but not knowing the real reason I was there. It wasn’t to look at the amazing facility, it was to have a heartfelt conversation around discipleship with Pastor Shannon. I’m grateful to his team and his staff for allowing us to use their template as we forge ahead in this uncharted territory that I know the Lord is going to bless.

I sent this text to our elders about what the Lord said would happen in our church on Jan 26th at 4:54 pm:
“I’m eager to connect with you and believe God’s will be done in our hearts and lives for His glory. In my time of mediation, the Lord placed the number 1000 in my heart and I just can’t shake it. 1000 men will come out of this group. 1000 men connected to God, themselves, their families/communities, and their church. Discipleship will be a wildfire in our city that will burn with the power of the Holy Spirit. Write it down. Remember this day. Just know it will not tarry. Agree with me for a supernatural return on our unselfish investment into the lives of other men.”

This is a tool to help disciples make disciples. Since we focus on God and not ourselves, we have great confidence in knowing that His grace is greater than our abilities and/or experiences. No matter where you are in your walk with God, you can make disciples. This tool provides a method to do this. We don’t believe any one method in and of itself is the answer. And we never want to become complacent and simply do the method for the method’s sake; this is a guide and the Lord is the driver.

Some of you are starting this process at your early stages of Christianity and some of you are well experienced. We believe that no matter where you start, the destination will be growth in Christ Jesus.

We owe a tremendous amount of love and gratitude to Pastor Shannon and the Southern Hills Church. Without your heart of generosity, guidance, and Christlike servitude, I’m not sure how we would’ve been able to scale this mountain. You guys are awesome and we pray God‘s best over your church. We are grateful for what God has done and we are ecstatic about what’s happening in the groups. Let’s expand.

Pastor Campbell

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