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Things Megachurches Get Right, and Things to Address

What is megachurch? It is usually defined as any church whose weekly attendance averages 2,000 or more people. While the number of megachurches has rapidly grown in the past years, many still question its existence. If you are planning to visit you should consider various aspects, like its consistency with the Bible’s teachings and the church’s denominational affiliation. Though many megachurches do not have a denomination in their name, they still have an official connection with a denomination. 

It is important to consider the quality of the church because it can be big and strong or it can be big and unhealthy. Interactions with church leaders, and discussions with those who attend can help provide insight into the quality of the church. There are many benefits that these megachurches offer, including:

  • They engage media – We are living in a media-driven culture. We all like the limelight, and yet most of the small churches don’t have the resources to use media to reach their communities. Many megachurches have the financial resources, talent, and expertise to use media effectively. Their websites, video presentations, printed material, and social media campaigns are more effective and well-executed.
  • They make new churches – Megachurches are motivated to plant new churches and campuses throughout inner cities, suburbs, remote locations and more. Megachurches are ramping up the number of churches. These megachurches help in the construction of small churches so that people can worship based on their beliefs. Most speakers of these large churches are remarkably innovative when it comes to effective mission outreaches. 
  • They share messages on a large scale – In cities and towns there are small churches on every corner, but they may not be effective in spreading messages on a larger scale. But a single megachurch in that same town can reach most people. We are not undermining the importance of small churches, but when it comes to sharing their message outside their walls, many may seem invisible. Large churches generate publicity, which generate conversations.

While there are obvious advantages, it also has some shortcomings such as lack of community among megachurches. Because there are so many people, it is difficult to create those true, meaningful relationships among your fellow believers. Also, the pastors of some of these churches are seen as celebrities which can make it relatively impossible to receive direct guidance from the lead pastor. 

There is no perfect church, but a healthy larger church will likely have a team of leadership that is focused on the biblical aspects of the Christian faith and multiple ways to support believers.

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