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Steps to Planning Your Church Events

Church events can be incredibly helpful for any kind of church. It helps build community, promote personal growth, and reach more people for Christ.  But organizing such an event is incredibly frustrating if you don’t find ways to plan well. Many times event planning can be daunting and draining, and end up having a negative impact on your team rather than yielding fruits. One of the keys to having great events at your church and seeing your volunteer teams thrive in these events is the planning strategy. When planning The Faith Center Events, we generally follow the below mentioned strategies to get things right:

  • Use a calendar: When you plan everything based on your church calendar you end up devoting time to each aspect of the event. You are motivated to organize everything within the given time frame. Thus, using a calendar can guarantee the success of a church event.
  • Evaluate the workload: Dive even deeper into your review discussion by evaluating the possible workload issues that could arise while hosting the events and prepare steps to counter them. Try to have enough volunteers to cover typical situations.
  • Consider the budget: This is the most critical thing to note. Try to have a good budget for each event that you are going to host. It is always a good idea to prepare those numbers before finalizing the calendar. It is important to understand what financial resources are available, and whether they are sufficient to cover the expenses likely to be incurred.
  • Prepare your risk assessment: Always prepare a comprehensive risk assessment for your event. It is a vital and valuable discipline that all organizations should undertake prior to any event. Risk assessments help you to identify potential risks, understand how they may impact your organization, and allow you to navigate appropriate steps to reduce or avoid unfavorable outcome.
  • Consider the venue: Select the right venue for your event, making sure that it is suitable for the nature of the program. When considering a venue, prepare a site plan expressing the exit and entry points, emergency evacuation locations or any hazards which may be present. Consider the number of attendees and the type of activities taking place.
  • Managing crowds: You can do this by making it easy to identify entry and exit points for patrons, as well as for emergency services if required. If you are expecting large volumes of traffic, it may also be necessary to consider traffic or parking control.

Safety issues to consider:

  • Always Ensure walkways are clear of clutter
  • Invest in adequate lighting
  • Signage to identify hazards
  • Make sure that stairs are well lit and have secure handrails
  • Check the condition the ground or parking lots for evidence of potholes
  • Use non-slip mats in wet areas and clean up spills immediately

The Faith Center of Atlanta looks forward to resuming safe, spirit-filled church events in 2021. We hope to see you there!

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