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Importance of the Church in the Community

We are living in a world where humans have acquired more knowledge than any other time in history. Science and medicine are reaching places far beyond what we could imagine. We are surrounded by bigger jets, cruise liners, faster computers, and drugs for uncured diseases being discovered every day. In general, humankind has improved in just about every area of life. So then, the question arises: why do we need the church? The church’s role in our life is critical because it fills a void only the church can—the need for one another. 

If your car needs fixing, you take it to the mechanic’s shop.  If someone is sick, you consult a doctor for medical attention. The church is where people should go if they need a “spiritual repair.” The Faith Center of Atlanta is open to you; we offer Bible-based solutions and counsel for every problem with live services and prayer. We are a community-focused church that gives away thousands of pounds of food, donates useful items, and serves as a resource for financial guidance and support to people in need. Making a difference in people’s everyday lives benefit the believer as well as the community. TFC Atlanta is a spirit-filled church rooted deeply in its local community, and our services impact the lives of the people as believers who fulfill their God-given purpose on earth.

Are you looking for a spirit-filled, nondenominational church near you? The Faith Center Atlanta is a church where individuals find the care they seek. We are open for worship service and offer a live stream to help you BELONG—whether you join in-person or choose to watch from home in the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. We are a community where you can explore what you BELIEVE and where serving the community is the inspiration to BE MORE.

The Bible teaches us the importance of active participation in a community of believers. You always have a welcoming place to worship at The Faith Center of Atlanta. Join our church this week.

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