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Common Ways to Help Your Church During COVID-19

The world has been struck by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and it has impacted everyone’s life. It had an impact on the Church, too, as most people were confined to their homes due to restrictions on social gatherings. As an individual, you can do a lot to help the Church near you. Some of the common ways are as follows:

Volunteer to serve in the Church. Can you have bookkeeping or business abilities? Ask whether you’re able to assist your church cut costs. See if you’re able to fill in when they’re short-staffed. Handy with social websites? Volunteer to connect others through social media. You could also keep others connected by managing mailing lists and reaching out by  telephone, email, and text to pray for one another.

Invest in technology. Many churches have specialized equipment and skilled volunteers to strengthen their virtual presence. Check with your church to determine whether financial contributions or time commitments can assist with technical support. Use apps and social media to keep contact with church members and church services. Invite them and many others to watch services online together weekly.

Coordinate a communication strategy. Does your church have a structure in place to make sure people are linked to a team who’ll care for individual needs? Ask your church leaders if you can receive a list of individuals to reach on a regular basis so that nobody feels isolated frequently.

Reach out to people who are lonely. Take out some time to check on individuals in your community who live alone, whether they’re older or young unmarried members. Schedule a socially safe visit for a conversation, plan a virtual meeting, or send some food items and look for their wellbeing.

Give to the global church. Sisters and brothers serving in regions around the world are seeing decades worth of advancements in getting rid of poverty quickly unravel. An investment within a local ministry might help combat the crisis overseas through their work. Your donations can help a lot of people around the world who are in need.

Pray for revival. Historical revivals and awakenings have almost always happened during times of disturbance and societal upheaval. Everybody within the entire body of Christ can take part in praying for revival. Pray and keep in mind the Lord is working everything together for good.


As an individual, you can do a lot when it comes to church growth. Due to COVID 19, many churches are struggling to remain afloat with less participation and support of church members and  attendees. Consider these creative ways to share responsibility with the church in these trying times.

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