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The 3D Conference is much more than just a men’s gathering. 3D is a movement fueled by God, inspired in the vision of Pastor Vincent Campbell, centered around returning men to their proper purpose on the earth in leadership. It is a movement that is so needed in our culture today. 3D is the solution to society’s issues. When men are developed, challenged, informed, instructed and empowered, everything in their sphere of influences must change.

It’s time to get connected to a fraternity of unique men who are dedicated to living holy surrendered lives. As a unique brotherhood, we are in the pursuit of having wealth, health, and success. Join a tribe of men who do life together, grow, succeed, help others, and do business together while collectively moving God’s Kingdom forward at a rate that most men will never see in their lifetime. This fraternity is known as 3D. No registration fee

Connect with other men + Access 3D life-changing insight in every area of your life!


Optional FRIDAY Activities

(Limited Capacity)

  • 7:30a Golf
  • 9a Men.Coffee.Connect
  • 12p Bowling
  • 1:30p Brunch & Business Mixer


    • 6:00p Registration Opens
    • 6:00p Pre Conference Entertainment + Doors Open
    • 6:05p Millionaire Mindset
    • 7:30p Conference Begins


    • 8:00a Iron Man Competition
    • 8:10a Axe Throwing & Rock Climbing
    • 8:30a Free Throw King    Challenge + Registration Opens
    • 9:30a Conference Begins
    • 2p Conference Ends


    Friday, August 19th- Saturday, August 20th

    4600 N. Royal Atlanta Dr. Tucker, GA 30084


    Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina

    4000 Summit Blvd.
    Atlanta, GA 30319

    Meet Pastor Vincent Campbell

    Pastor Vincent Campbell, who is the Senior Pastor and founder of The Faith Center, is married to Felicia Johnson Campbell, and they have two beautiful daughters, Mia and Madisen. His love for God, his love for people, and his contagious humor and attitude has attracted individuals to his ministry from all over the Atlanta metropolitan area. His dual vision for the church and the community has gained attention and respect from various media outlets, political figures, and the body of Christ at large. This vision and passion to reach the lost and help those in need has become the heartbeat of his out of the box, relevant outreach initiatives. People have come from all over the Atlanta metropolitan area to receive love and hear the message of faith from one of the most progressive teachers of faith in this generation.


    “Went to a Christian High school…Started attending church regularly in college…I’ve been baptized…I’ve joined several churches…BUT never have I fully understood my place in Christianity until I started going to The Faith Center. Pastor Campbell has been an amazing example of Manhood and through his teaching of the Word, I now have a better understanding of my place, not only in my household, but also within the world. The men’s prayer conference at the Faith Center in September 2021 changed my prayer life forever!”

    - Dr. Eugene H. Harris, MD


    “The quality of leader Pastor Vince production is done with precision. His presentation depicts a structure and strategy that’s unprecedented. The results are phenomenal.”

    - Dr. Johnathan Briggs


    “The true characteristics of a leader is leading by example, leading with understanding, leading by knowing with confidence, and leading while following. These are things that Pastor Campbell exemplifies for me.Vince Lombardi said leaders aren’t born but they are made. You weren’t born a leader but you are destined to be one and your actions shows that every single day.“

    - Super Bowl Champion 13 Year NFL Veteran Stephen McLendon